Outback Helicopters Ltd use Spreadmark Certified Spreader Buckets. Our Spreader buckets are capable of spreading a wide range of different products. With our specially designed spinners we are achieving swath widths of up to 48m. Helicopter application of Solid Fertilizer is becoming increasingly popular. Some reasons why:

  • Precision Placement
  • Superior spreading
  • Ability for Strategic Timing of Applications
  • No Need for Dry Airstrips

These benefits can not only increase the profitability of your farming operation, but they can benefit the long term sustainability of your farming operation.

Top Dressing

  • Urea
  • Sustain
  • Super phosphate
  • Sulphur
  • Granulated Lime
  • Lime Prills
  • Crop Master & More


Our Spreader Buckets are capable of seeding rates as low as 1.5kgs/ha

  • New Grass
  • Crops
  • Fence Lines
  • New Track
  • Slips


We can organise cartage of all your fertiliser, bulk, bagged or liquid.

Solid Fert Loading Equipment

We have developed three separate solid fertiliser loading systems. Two of these systems are capable of loading out of the grain door of any cartage truck. The third system is mounted on the rear of our four wheel drive unimog truck which has the ability to load from virtually any location. The combination of these three loading systems allows us to take on any size job with speed and efficiency, while keep application costs to a minimum.


We can supply you with a cost-effective, hassle-free solution to you property’s liming requirements.